Lincoln Wear-Ever® Heavy Duty Half-Size Sheet Pan 13 GUAGE

Lincoln Wear-Ever® Heavy Duty Half-Size Sheet Pan 13 GUAGE

CODE: LW-5314




  • Exclusive concave bottoms flatten during heating for even heat distribution resulting in uniform height for baked products
  • Extra dent resistant 3004 aluminum alloy
  • Extra dent resistant 3004 aluminum alloy
  • 18 gauge thickness
  • Closed bead design

Product Dimension

17¾" x 13" x 1¼"

Product Detail

If you are looking for Cook's winning sheet pan, THIS IS IT. The bottom of the pan should look exactly like the picture I added to the "customer images." Neither "Lincoln Foodservice" nor "Vollrath" are stamped anywhere on the pan; however, the pan might have a Lincoln Foodservice barcode sticker on it. The model number is 5303. This model is made of 18-gauge aluminum and the Second of three similar Lincoln WEAR-EVER half-sheet pans (the higher the gauge number, the thinner the aluminum).

Model 9303LN is the 19-gauge/closed bead pan called ECONOMY
Model 5303 is the 18-gauge/closed bead pan called STANDARD DUTY
Model 5314 is the 13-gauge/open bead pan called HEAVY DUTY

Lincoln Wear-Ever® Heavy Duty Half-Size Sheet Pan

The heavy duty model 5314 is the one tested by Cook's Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen and chosen the winner. I have no idea what is stamped on the back of the two other pans, but I suspect the model numbers would be on the pan somewhere.

"Open bead" means the side rims roll over, but not completely, which some cooks like because it's easier to clean and is considered more sanitary. "Closed bead" means the side rims roll over completely forming something of a tube. Some cooks feel this makes for difficult cleaning and a place for gunk to collect and become foul. Others feel the closed bead adds to the overall strength of the pan.

Clearly some folks have received the wrong pan, one or more citing they'd received EKCO brand pans. But others here who have received the WEAR-EVER 5314 pan thought it was wrong because it didn't say "Lincoln Foodservice" or "Vollrath" on the pan - but this IS NOT SO. If it is stamped on the bottom like the picture I posted, then it IS the right pan.

NOTE: The Vollrath Company has purchased Lincoln Smallwares and is now branding these pans with the Vollrath name. Wear-Ever® sheet pans are preferred in all institutional and commercial kitchens because of the strength and durability they provide.


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